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Social Media Manager (Head of Engagement) - Part-time, with view to go Full-time

StaffLogic Pty Ltd
Metro Manila / NCR Western Visayas Other - Philippines
1-5 years

Skills :

Logistics Coordinator

Big Ideas Social Media Inc
Metro Manila / NCR
2-10 years

Skills :

Skills :

Part-Time Back Office Professional

Teletech Customer Care Management Philippiness Inc
Metro Manila / NCR Philippines
Not Specified

Financial Advisor - Investments, Insurance & Risk Management

Sun Life Financials
Central Luzon Metro Manila / NCR Southern Tagalog
0-5 years

Skills :

Part-time Sourcing Associate (Remote)

HCM Nexus Consulting Inc
Other - Philippines
1-4 years

Skills :

Java Developer (Mid-Senior level)

Drake International Philippines
Central Mindanao Central Visayas Eastern Visayas
4-8 years

Skills :

HR Services Administrator with Chinese

2-3 years

HR Associate

1-4 years

CIB Fund Servicing Analyst

JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Metro Manila / NCR
4-7 years

Associate, Business Analytics and Reporting

JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Metro Manila / NCR
5-8 years

Skills :

HR Sr. Associate, Japan Data Management & LOA

2-5 years

Technical Support L2

Flat Planet Philippines Incorporated
Metro Manila / NCR
4-14 years

Skills :


Wells Fargo
4-7 years
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Part Time Jobs Vacancies

Part-time jobs are a great way to make some money without compromising on time to do anything else you might prefer. Whether you’re a student, homemaker, or even a professional with another job looking to make some supplemental income, part-time jobs are perfect for you.

Many choose to opt for a part-time job to make better use of spare time and to help them with their expenses. There are various kinds of part-time jobs across industries. Some of the most popular part-time jobs include working in the food and hospitality industry as well as call centres and BPOs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about part-time jobs in the Philippines.

How to get a part-time job?

It’s not hard to get a part-time job. In fact, there are a vast number of part-time jobs available across industry lines. Depending on what kind of part-time job you need, you will be expected to have different kinds of experience.

Like any other job, part-time jobs may have qualifications that can range from having nothing but communication skills to having a high school diploma or even a college degree in certain cases. The first step is to find a listing for part-time jobs in the Philippines.

What are the top skills required for part-time jobs?

As mentioned previously, every part-time job has its own requirement for skills. Just like how not every full-time job has the same skill requirement, every part-time job has its own requirement for skills. For instance, call centres and BPOs might offer part-time shifts that require you to have excellent communication and language skills – particularly in English and Filipino. Other jobs at restaurants and hotels may require you to have had experience with cooking or hospitality. No skill set fits all jobs. Tailor your job application to what suits the job you’re applying to best.

Which are the popular companies for part-time jobs in the Philippines?

Popular companies that offer part-time jobs include Starbucks in the hospitality industry. Some of the higher-paying software development-based jobs are outsourced from companies based in Australia and the United States to the Philippines. This includes part-time positions in multi-national corporations or their subsidiaries.

Which cities offer the best job opportunities for part-time jobs?

The cities of Manila, Mandaluyong, and Pasay are the three most densely populated cities in the Philippines. It comes as no surprise that most part-time job opportunities are in these locations. A job seeker should have no trouble finding a part-time job in any of these three cities, particularly in the capital city of Manila.

What are the various career opportunities in part-time jobs?

There is no dearth of career opportunities in part-time jobs. With thousands of listings to choose from on Monster Philippines, your options are virtually unlimited. Depending on your background, you can find a part-time job that suits your skill set and educational qualifications.

For instance, someone looking to work as a freelance writer will require a vastly different skill set than that of a part-time software developer. One of the key skills that are required across industries in the Philippines is professional working proficiency in English and Filipino as all communication will be in these languages.

What is the salary one can expect in part-time jobs?

Salaries in part-time jobs can differ vastly based on various factors such as skills, experience, and duration of the shift. The average hourly wage in the Philippines is about 260 PHP and the median salary being around PHP 600,000 a year. The salaries can be very attractive and even on the higher end for those with some experience looking for a part-time position.

What are the various factors that affect salaries in part-time jobs?

Some of the most important factors that affect the salary and pay-scale when it comes to part-time jobs are experience, skill set, educational qualifications as well as the duration of the shift, and the work schedule.

Some part-time jobs let candidates work only on the weekends while others might require them to work at night throughout the week. Positions that allow for weekend shifts are particularly great for students.

Is the work from home option available in part-time jobs?

Since the pandemic has ravaged the globe, many traditionally office-based jobs have now turned into work-from-home friendly positions. This is true for roles across the spectrum. Positions for receptionists, virtual personal assistants, customer support executives, and copywriting jobs are now offering candidates the opportunity to work-from-home.

What is the career growth one can expect in part-time jobs?

While there is a lot of room for career growth in part-time jobs, it is limited compared to that of a full-time job. When looking for a part-time job, you need to be aware that part-time positions are not as much of a commitment as a full-time job. Employers look for dedicated and motivated employees and offer perks and promotions to those who perform their duties most diligently.