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Volunteer | Dental Mission

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Job Description

Job Description

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, our company is looking for socially-driven and self-motivated individuals from all walks of life who are interested in volunteering for our dental missions that we are planning for this year.
Since this is a non-paying position, we can only offer allowances to cover certain personal, transportation and other operational costs. Furthermore, all our volunteers (especially students) will receive a Certificate of Participation / Appreciation that documents their participation in our dental mission.
The successful volunteer may be assigned to different key roles depending on their skills, knowledge, and experience. Furthermore, they may be working on a variety of roles as needed in the dental mission that may include the following:
  • Talk to prospective patients and community leaders by educating them about the dental mission and what it aims to accomplish.
  • Volunteers with dental and medical training will assist in all dental hygiene services from dental cleaning to tooth removal.
  • Other volunteers will assist in the logistics, operational and administrative aspects of the dental mission.
  • While some will provide other support roles to promote our dental mission to the community we are serving.

Minimum Qualifications

Although we consider volunteers for this mission from a wide variety of backgrounds, we consider individuals with the following qualifications:
  • Dentists, Dental hygienists, Clinical assistants and dental and medical students would be preferred as the work requires medical and dental skills.
  • Dental technicians who have experience making dental prosthesis for patients who have lost their front teeth would be a valuable addition to our team as well.

Volunteers, without any dental or medical background, may be needed in other areas that require work dealing with people and community leaders.
If you are that type of individual who wants to make a difference and make a visible social impact to the community then you are the type of volunteer we are looking for.

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