Remote Customer Support - World of Warcraft & Destiny 2 Gaming Services

Remote Customer Support - World of Warcraft & Destiny 2 Gaming Services

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2-6 years
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Job Description

Position Information: 
We are looking for new customer support operators who are active gamers with experience in our main games (or other games we are planning to add in the short or long term). The customer support position is both for the pre and post-purchase experience for our customers. Starting from customer support, it is possible to reach various management or coordination positions. Our operators have shifts of 3 or 6 hours shifts. We are active 24/7/365. Late night and weekend shifts are paid more. During a shift, the operator has to answer questions, assign services, conclude sales, and do basic problem solving when necessary.
What to expect
  • If you want to support more shifts and do more, it is totally up to you and very much appreciated. Work more, earn more.
  • Around 50 employees (including development team, customer support team, management, marketing).
  • Extremely friendly work atmosphere.
  • The management is Italian, but the customer support team is almost entirely Serbian. Most of us have met each other in real life or play together online. We are friends.
  • No tolerance for slackers. Work comes BEFORE the friendships we have built.
  • We are active 24/7. Someone is always online. Holidays included.
  • Group online-meetings every 1-3 weeks (usually on Fridays or Thursdays). We want to hear your voice, opinions, and ideas.
  • We use a performance control application to be installed on your computer. This application is activated by you manually at the start of your shift and disabled at the end. The program records your activity by taking a series of screenshots during your work. We care about your privacy so we only need to see when you are working, hence the manual activation from you. All of our workers have this program installed.
  • Intensive training program provided by us. Written guides, videos, meetings with seniors who help you become better as time goes by.
  • Three different and main areas of work: - Livechat support (pre-purchase support) - Discord Support (post-purchase support) - Extra tasks assigned on the side (example: price checks, customer retention, etc).

  • Monthly salary paid in the first week of each new month (Paypal or Bank transfer).
  • Vacation: If you take days off your actual assigned shifts, we pay you 50% of your daily salary up to 14 days per year. Example: you work Monday->Thursday with us and you are unavailable for the whole week. This accounts for 4 days of absence (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) during which we will pay you 50% of your normal income on Monday->Thursday.
  • Work from home
  • You can decide on your working schedule. The management will tell you which shifts and times of the day are required, but there is a lot of flexibility.

Career and Salary:
  • You will start by being a Livechat operator for pre-purchase support. If applicable, you will be joining the post-purchase support department, which is paid more as the job is more delicate. It is possible to be part of both departments, simultaneously.
  • For each department, you will have a status.
  • Training Status (200 EUR per month): If you are accepted, you will go under a 2+ weeks period of intensive training. We will teach you how to use LiveChat and do support on our website. As soon as you start being useful, you start being paid under the ‘Trainee’ status.
  • Trial Status (400 EUR per month): After a few weeks or a month of ‘Training’ status, you can enter your ‘Trial’ status. We will judge your consistency, team cooperation, reliability, trustworthiness, ability not to create problems, ability to solve problems, multitasking.
  • Autonomous Status (800 EUR+ per month): After one to three months (flexible) of Trial status, you can become ‘Autonomous’. You will be a crucial element in our team and everyone will count on you. As the word says, you are expected to solve problems autonomously.
  • Veteran Status (900 EUR+ per month): Veteran operators are with us for a long time (more than one year) and are an example for the whole company.
  • Senior Bonuses: Being a part of our team for a long time, helping out new supporters, being an example for others and a REAL problem-solver gets you bonuses as time goes by even if you work the same amount of hours. (Example: +50€/150€ per month after 1 year+).
  • Extra Responsibilities: If you are a good supporter, it is possible to accept more responsibilities, work more, generate more money for the company, handle more aspects of our management. There is a lot of room for growth. Some of our operators are now earning 1500€+ per month as they decided to invest more time and energy in Blazingboost.
  • Extra income as Booster: If you are good at the games we sell services into, you will also be able to complete services and be a booster. This adds up to your Supporter payment. It is crucial that you boost outside of your shift without altering your ability to work as a supporter. Boosting cannot become your priority.
  • These above payments correspond to an average of 30-45 hours per week.
  • The job is very flexible. You can be an Autonomous Livechat supporter for pre-purchase support, but also have a few extra responsibilities and tasks on the side. At some point, you may be proposed to join the Discord team for post-purchase support too, being Training and then Trial for that department. You can work in multiple game sections and have different stasuses according to your experience in that department.
  • If you want to work less and this fits our team, you will be paid a bit less. If you want to work more, you will be paid more.

We hope to welcome you to our family!

All candidates have to meet ALL the following requirements:
  • Crucial knowledge of World of Warcraft OR Destiny 2. One of the two games is sufficient. World of Warcraft: We are selling services related to the game and we expect you to be a relatively recent player. The new expansion Shadowlands was released in November 2020. We don't necessarily require you to be a currently ACTIVE player but you MUST have played WoW in the past few years or have kept up to date with it. Absolutely necessary knowledge: - Classes, Specs, Leveling, and the pure basics of the game
  • - What is a raid, what are the available difficulties, how do the loot rules work, what are the most sought after achievements (examples: what is a Heroic run What's the difference with Normal and Mythic What is Ahead of the Curve or Cutting Edge Can a Warrior trade a plate helmet to a Mage customer Why, why not, or when) - What is a Mythic+ dungeon, how does the system and loot work (example: what is a +15) - Arena system and rewards. (Examples: how do you get Rival What is Rank 1 and what's the difference with Gladiator Can you get it in 2v2 What is Elite) - Generic information such as flying, Allied Races, etc. If you have played WoW in 2010, you will need 2+ months to understand what the game is like today and that WILL be a problem. If you have played WoW in 2017-2018, you could catch up with us in 1-2 weeks. We have guides for the game itself. If your WoW experience is very low, you may need too much time to catch up and this may not be the correct job for you. We are not looking to invest time on people that have not touched or read anything about the game for many years - this is purely because we are afraid that you would have to spend too much time on studying the game (which we consider to be an implicit requirement). Destiny 2: We expect you to have played Destiny 2 in 2018 to 2020. The new Beyond Light expansion was released in November 2020, but the basics of the game have not changed too much. Absolutely necessary knowledge: - Classes, how does the game generally work. Weapons, gear, alts. - What is a raid, what is a Nightfall Strike, what are Trials of Osiris, what are Dungeons - What is Glory, what is a Triumph, a Seal - What is the difference between Legendary and Exotic weapons, what is a Catalyst, how does Power Leveling work Generic
  • Stable internet connection.
  • C1 European Level of English Knowledge.
  • Good typing style. Not having experience with a keyboard, making ortography mistakes or generally not typing well is a BIG problem. It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE that your English level and confidence with a keyboard is HIGH. Please look at how this job post has been written. If you cannot write with this English and if you are not able to type in a professional (and not gamer slang English) style, this is not the job for you. Typing speed of 60 PLUS words per minute. (Test yourself: If you type very slowly or if you need to constantly look at the keyboard while
  • writing, this job may not be for you simply because you will not be able to keep up with chats.
  • Multitasker. You may have to talk with a customer to sell a service, talk with an angry customer, assign a service to a service provider. All at the same time. There is a lot of work.
  • Empathy and self-control. If a customer is complaining and making you angry, you need to answer professionally and handle the problem. You WILL be under pressure.
  • Know what it means to work in a team. If you underperform during your shift, the following operator will have to work more because of your mistakes and unsolved problems
  • Patience. The job may seem difficult or strange at the start, especially if you are not aware of such a market actually existing. However, after learning the job, studying the material given to you and listening to our seniors, it will become second nature.

Preferred Requirements:
  • If the candidate has the following, they will increase their probability of being hired:
  • Deep knowledge of Destiny 2 AND World of Warcraft. While we absolutely require the knowledge of one game, knowing both can help a lot.
  • High typing speed (80+ words per minute)
  • Generic knowledge of other online games such as Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, COD (Warzone), Path of Exile, Escape from Tarkov, Runescape, APEX Legends, Fortnite, Black Desert Online, Warframe, Skyrim Online, Rainbow Six Siege, or more. Playing other games with a boosting market may still be very useful for us - maybe we could still ask you to learn WoW or Destiny 2 to make sure you have work to do as soon as you join.
  • Previous work experience or a high level of education is a plus but is not a necessity.
  • Knowledge of how to use Discord and Skype.
  • Knowledge (Basic) of French / German / Spanish or other languages

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