Health and Hospitality Associate

Health and Hospitality Associate

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Job Description

Job Description

Our executive and management teams are ordered to work from home until 2021. This order, combined with the restrictions of de-risking home offices from the dangers of the 2020 Pandemic, necessitates several support staff to these teams to be housed with them at their home offices. This arrangement is what's commonly referred to as a stay in or live in arrangement in the Philippines, and is most traditionally reserved for situations involving domestic and household staff such as family drivers, care givers, chefs and so on.
Due to limited resources (human capital, space-logistics-, finances, and others) our offices must consolidate several of these support roles and teams. This is such a role.
Stay-In Conditions
Each living space is built for a maximum of two same-gender persons. Due to the proximity that we are all forced to live and work in, we interview and test for high professionalism, cultural compatibility-on top of all the bare minimum technical requirements such as computer skills proficiency, soft skills proficiency, and so on.
The living spaces are deliberately simple: clean, straightforward, easy to maintain all the essentials, including a shower, personal storage spaces, etc.
Strict Quarantine Procedures
Although external and governmental quarantine orders may fluctuate our internal orders have remained relatively intact since February 2020. To decrease the risk of contaminated persons entering sensitive home office areas, several layers of security and health security are constantly monitored by several different organizations and offices.
Interview Process
  1. Kalibrr Application
  2. Kalibrr Chat
  3. Phone Interview
  4. Zoom or Video Call
  5. Asana Interview
  6. Face-to-face Interview
    1. At this point, if you have not been tested for COVID, a rapid test will be offered by our health and medical personnel
  7. Working interview

This role combines the traditional duties and scopes of work of the Hospitality Associate, the Administrative Assistant, and the Registered Nurse.
Health and Medical
You will be supporting both remote teams From your stay-in location, as well as a few team members AT the stay-in location. We keep a Low Ratio of support team members to supported team members (i.e. nurses to executives), due to space and logistical constraints.
  • Maintaining patient charts for patients but also for partner clinicians
  • Managing flowsheets
  • Managing specific records such as immunization records (vaccinations)

Medical Billing
  • Health insurance claims
  • Billing statements to patients

Patient Support
  • Scheduling
  • Prescription management and coordination

Patient Contact
  • Collecting regular vitals
  • Administering dietary treatments (nutrition)
  • Administering vaccinations
  • Regular diagnostic tests (such as the rapid COVID test)
  • Cognitive diagnostic testing
  • Care coordination between diagnostic facilitates and patients

  • Cleaning - hygienic protocol
  • Meal preparation - dietary treatment (prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, whole foods, super foods)
  • Physical fitness assistance
  • General business etiquette

Minimum Qualifications

  • Although board certification is not strictly required we are prioritizing fully licensed registered nurses at this time
  • College degree in health or medical sciences
  • Strong computer skills
  • Advanced soft skills: negotiation diplomacy etc.

Human Resources Requirements
  • Must test negative for COVID-19
    • If you have not been tested, a test will be offered by our health and medical offices
  • Current NBI clearance
  • SSS number
  • TIN number
  • Pag-IBIG number

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