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Production Control Manager

Job Description:

The client is hiring a Developer, Production Control for our network-wide implementation. The environment includes multiple Salesforce production environments, as well as full and developer sandboxes. The Developer, Production Control Manager is responsible for overseeing the work done on all instances in the portfolio.

The primary software you will be supporting and customizing for this initiative is a managed package deployed on the Salesforce platform called Cloud Lending. You will also work with a wide range of third-party applications supporting the client lending process across the portfolio.

This is a leadership position and requires hands-on expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, as well as the ability to organize and direct the work of junior Salesforce administrators, and the ability to advise peers on the most effective use of current technology. You will also influence the entire system architecture as a whole and drive the organization to greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

Required Skills:

•PAAS management and environment control experience

•Broad and extensive understanding of software development (SDLC)

•Expertise in Salesforce development, administration and configuration

•Command of version, release and change management

•Ability to provide technical documentation and user acceptance criteria

•Exposure to and use of Agile/Scrum methodology

•Knowledge of:

◦Languages: C, C++, Java, Apex, SQL, PL/SQL, SOQL, SOSL

◦Web Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SOAP, REST, WSDL

◦Data Migration Integration: SOAP (Partner and Enterprise WSM), REST, DBAmp

◦Databases: MYSQL, Oracle, MS Access

Responsibilities include:

•Creating and maintaining customizations in the Salesforce environments

•Creating and maintaining the security structure across the network

•Creating and maintaining the base configuration and code all instances will have in common

•Managing the path to Production for each Network Member (including coordinating regression testing and pre-deployment activities)

•Participating in Member conversations about new development and features

•Creating and maintaining documentation

•Communicating with application vendors, and coordinating all cross-member Salesforce Technical activities

The Developer, Production Control Manager, will:

•Own OR supervise the deployment cycle and path from sandboxes to production for all client instances, including:◦Manage application upgrades

◦Create and manage regression tests (both unit tests and functional tests)

◦Manage testing process and approvals

◦All other aspects of an enterprise-level change management process

•Own the common set of configuration and code shared across member Salesforce instances

•Serve as functional owner of the Cloud Lending application installed in all instances of Salesforce, working with the Cloud Lending vendor for release management, issue resolution, and enhancement requests

•Serve as the functional owner of the third-party applications used in the Lending process, (including Meridian Link, Nintex and Demyst), and work with vendors for release management and issue resolution

•Provide Salesforce and Cloud Lending expertise and advice to leadership

•Provide technical and strategic support for the Network's business intelligence team

•Provide documentation and training to the Network and Members

•Direct Salesforce Administrators using multiple instances of Salesforce

•Use Advanced Administrator skills to create and manage

◦Custom configuration

◦Complex security models

◦Cloud Lending configuration

•Use declarative Salesforce tools to create and maintain custom configuration for multiple member instances