Job Title: Learning Management System Administrator

Job Summary

AFNI Philippines Inc
Metro Manila
Job Category:
Customer Service/ Call Centre/ BPO
Years of Experience
1 - 6 years
Customer Service/ Call Centre/ BPO
Bachelors/ Degree
Posted On
9th Nov 2018

Job Description:

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Manage LMS Function: 

     a. Maintain data integrity rules and processes for LMS such as course codes, descriptions, assignments, etc.

     b. Provide configuration support for the LMS

     c. Manage and administer user access and configure system settings such as learner domains, roles, notifications, and business rules in support of defined business processes

   d. Oversee and Produce System Documentation

2. Upload and configure training content and activities: (30% of work time)

    a. Set up Instructor-led training (ILT), virtual training, online courses, reset password and IDs, assign training curriculums

    b. Communicates changes to Users and SSD on changes in new releases each quarter

    c. Tests all new functionality with current processes to ensure that new features do not disrupt current process

    d. Manages usage of LMS programs by SSD, Talent Development, Operations, etc. to determine what functionality and features are being used and how

    e. Oversees and Creates curriculums, TESTS, and notification email triggers within LMS systems

    f. Manages Development Plans and Competency Assessments within LMS systems as requested.

    g. Supervises and Collaborates with Sr. Training Managers to ensure up-to-date priority schedules and changes

3. Manage LMS Reporting: (20% of work time)

    a. Audit compliance to training, monitor and edit data on a daily basis

    b. Directs communication to Supplemental Trainers and Training Leadership about open training sessions

    c. Update reports, prepare and develop for management

    d. Use LMS and all system reporting features to perform analysis and communicate information about the LMS to other business teams.

    e. Manage and support others in developing and using LMS reports

    f. Manage Quality Monitoring Reporting

        i. Building Monitoring forms within the systems

        ii. Manage permissions as needed

        iii. Troubleshoot recording errors/missing recordings

        iv. Troubleshoot Hierarchy issues

    g. Directs and drives the Weekly Status Calls in an effort to mediate the Operation, RM CSOD and Support teams towards proactive business decisions 

4. Manage LMS maintenance, improve, and upgrades 
     a. Maintains primary point of contact for troubleshooting and system administration issues; explores, recommends, and makes independent decisions on changes and other ways to integrate and use the LMS and corresponding systems and programs.

     b. Develop processes and administer regular system audits to identify and mitigate data integrity issues and ensure compliance

     c. Perform routine maintenance processes to manage system accuracy and functionality

     d. Coordinate testing of all new functionality and content within the LMS and all corresponding systems and programs and/or quality systems and programs

     e. Evaluate new LMS and quality system functionality and features in said systems including testing and providing training

     f. Direct and Participate in LMS software validation activities

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