Jr. Data Engineer

0 - 2 years
Metro Manila / NCR

Job Description

  • Jr. Data Engineer

    About the role: 
    The Jr. Data Engineer position is an exciting new role at the Press. It is pioneering, which means your voice matters early on. It is broad in scope, so there is an opportunity to see a wide array of data sets. It is empowering, so there are opportunities to present your ideas and to make well-informed recommendations. 

    This role is about "data readiness" for the Data Science team. It’s about getting data from different sources and ensuring that the resulting set is clean, free of duplications and errors. It transcends just Extraction, Transformation and Loading. It’s about preparation. 

    Therefore, the person who assumes this role must be creative in as much as they are analytical. Data comes in all shapes, s and varying degrees of "readiness". The Data Engineer must be able to roll up their sleeves and get technical with the data. When they aren’t being technically focused, they are engaged in a myriad of cultures and personalities across continents. They enjoy and expect to pick up the phone in order to get the job done. 

    If any of this sounds like an exciting proposition, join us at "The Press", a 500 year old printing institution at the forefront of media technology. 
    About you: 
    You will have an extremely strong relationship with our six behavioural values; collaborative, decisive, empowering, innovative, responsible and responsive. The team with which you will be collaborating, is called Architecture. It is a highly experienced group of strategic technologists who handle some of the most complex systems in the organisation. 

    The Data Science team is looking for a professional with 0-2 experience as a Data Engineer, or similar. Recent college grads welcome to apply! Any experience working with a Data Science team or with a Data Scientist helps. Any experience with ETL tools and Python scripting also helps. Whatever your experience, you should have a keen eye for detail, and an obsession for data organisation. For recent college graduates, a strong internship is preferred. 

    Next, this role requires an outgoing personality. You should be engaging. You should know how to manage projects and know when to escalate. You should be proactive. You should frequently engage with the business using precise and simple language. 

    Lastly, you have the intangibles. Your colleagues attest to your positive attitude, and the value it brings to small teams. You are fun to work with. You can speak English well. You can use your communication skills to articulate complex ideas. You can politically (and politely), push back on bad ideas, while being able to promote good ideas. You have a passion for what you do. 
    Personal Attributes
    • Candidates will have a keen what "dirty data" looks like and an innate desire to clean it
    • Candidates will need an eye for detail, especially for subtle differences in data
    • Candidates shall have a social disposition, with no hesitation to engage with strangers over phone, Skype or other mediums
    • Candidates will need to be proactive in finding opportunities to clean and present data not assigned by management
    • Candidates have the ability to switch from a technical mindset to a personable one
    • Candidates must have good written and verbal communication skills in English
    • Candidates should be able to perform repetitive manual tasks, and find opportunities to automate
    • Candidates should have a curious disposition, consistently researching for better techniques, better tooling, more efficient processes
    • Candidates will have a respect for sensitive data, data privacy laws and pertaining regulations
    • 1-2 years technical experience as a Data Engineer or similar role
    • 1-2 years experience working with different types of data sets, including, but not limited to: product data, sales data, customer data, financial data, marketing data, system data, application data, etc.
    • Exposure to both structured and unstructured data sets
    • Experience in strong project-based environments with understanding of project lifecycles
    • Demonstrable experience in data cleansing
    • Should have 1-2 years experience with Fuzzy Matching, Probability Matching, and manual duplication resolution
    • Experience in ETL (Extract-Transformation-Load)
    • Functional experience in SQL scripting
    • Exposure to non-SQL based query languages
    • Experience working with visualisation tools
    • Knowledge of how to automate repetitive tasks using modern tools and techniques
    • Knowledge of batch processes, real-time flows and streaming services
    • Knowledge of current industry trends like Data Lakes, Big Data, Cloud Databases, Non-Relational DB’s
    • Experience working with Architecture or system designing teams
    • Experience talking to non-technical teams like Sales, Product Managers, etc.
    • Experience working with, or for, a Data Scientists
    • Experience working with diverse teams across different time zones
    • High level experience working with sensitive data
    • A graduate of a recognised 4 year institution
    • Preferred degrees include BSCS, BSIT, Applied Maths and Sciences, etc.
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We are deeply rooted in the brand identity of Cambridge University Press UK, the oldest publishing house in the world and the oldest university press. It is also the publishing business of the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading universities and research institutions.

The Manila office was set up in 2003 when the Press decided to partly maintain its IT systems offshore. It was an attempt to provide a direction towards a new way of developing, implementing, and achieving software processes at a reasonable cost without compromising the brand’s character.

In 2012, the Manila office began to function as Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ). Through its new business identity the Manila office may now generate income by performing qualified services for the Press’s affiliates, subsidiaries, or branches globally.

And in 2014, Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA) became one of our partners. It is the world’s largest provider of English language curriculums and qualifications for young learners and adults. It is also one of the international examination boards managed by Cambridge Assessment.

Today, the Manila office has grown to 400 plus personnel with expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Digital Publishing, and Customer Services. For thirteen years the Manila office has remarkably made exceptional service and technological contribution to the fulfilment of the Press’s goals and objectives. Currently, the organisation is making initiatives to developing new technological solutions and service innovations to meet the growing needs of our partners within the Cambridge community. Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment are continually making investments to achieve their desired products and services that would enable current and future customers develop better online experience.


IT/Computers - Software

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Other Information Technology

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Full Time, Employee


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