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Integration Analyst

Job Description:

Skills and Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in IT-related course preferred, with 1-3 years of experience

• Analytical thinker, passion and ability to "figure things out"

• Independent worker who can work in a fast-paced, changing environment

• Experience working with Excel and other MS Office Applications

• Above average communications skills

• Experience in handling US client and customers

• Experience in handling/interpreting test data and test execution results

• Experience in triaging issues and doing research and analysis for resolution

• Experience in Integrations highly desired

• Experience in handling EDI files

Roles and Responsibilities: 
• Conducts a thorough structure analysis based on what is currently configured in the platform

• Configures the EDI Destinations and carrier identifiers based on the received and analyzed account structure

• Extracts a test file from the test environment

• Creates dummy data (in test environment), ensures that they are enrolled in the plans, and then extract the data from test environment.

• Verifies that all configured carrier identifiers are populating on the file correctly

• Confirms that the plans/benefits were extracted as expected

• Sends the test file through the sFTP connection

• Notifies the carrier contact that a test file has been sent

• Confirms receipt of test file and provide a file feedback ETA (usually 3-5 business days)

• Addresses all issues before sending a new file

• Confirms if files are ready to move to production

• Confirms with the project team if data clean-up has been completed

• Sends Production files through the sFTP connection

• Notifies the carrier that a production file has been sent using the standard format email

• Confirms receipt of production file and provides a file feedback ETA

• Provides additional support for Junior Associates