Business Continuity Coordinator

Who we are?

As a global Tech-driven consumer finance company, Home Credit understands how technology can profoundly change people's lives. And we use it to provide world-class financial products and services—in partnership with leading brands and retailers—even to first-time borrowers, at a speed that no other company can match.

And we do this in all 10 countries we are present in, from Czech Republic and USA all the way to the Philippines. It’s a game-changing business model, and one that we are proud of: for many of our customers, their Home Credit loan is their very first loan, allowing them to start building their credit history and enjoy more financial tools.

Since launching in Manila in 2013, we at Home Credit Philippines have grown our customer base to over two million clients, and our workforce to over 9,000 employees.

We've impacted countless lives—our customers', and our own people's.

Join our team, and see how we can change yours.

About Job

Looking for a change in your current job? Do you wish to join a company that is outperforming the Industry with a strong growth momentum? If your answer is yes, you might be the one Home Credit Group is looking for…

Job Title:                              Home Credit Group – Business Continuity Coordinator 

Location:                              Metro Manila / NCR 

Job Description:

Job Description:

You know you are the perfect fit if you

  • Have spent at least a year:
    Reviewing incident reports, analyzing security intelligence and profiling risks and threats
    Conducting analysis and providing forecasts on how incidents impact a business for mitigation and preventive actions
    Assisting business continuity teams in resuming operations after major incident occurrences (you can make assessments and recommendations after calamities)
    Conducting security audits and assessments for high-risk areas and activities
As part of our growth, your tasks will be:
  • Coordinating with our Business Continuity and Incident Management Teams
  • Conducting security and intelligence analysis, risk and threat profiling, and assessing our operations from a risk angle
  • Analyzing and forecasting incidents and reports that impact how our business operates
  • Conducting security audits and assessments
  • Coordinating with the intel team and government emergency response agencies


Job Summary
Home Credit Philippines 
Metro Manila / NCR 
Job Category
Years of Experience
20th Jun 2019 
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