Novare Technologies is a trusted strategic consultancy and IT solutions partner with global reach, providing business value to our customers through excellence and innovation, driven not only by the best technology but by the best people as well.

Novare has the ability to revolutionize next generation mobile and web solutions across our clients. Through our “Think, Build, Run” methodology, we offer our clients a comprehensive and focused approach to strategy development, solutions development, and managed services, specifically on the area of Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Think: We think of ways to make our clients customer experience better.

Build: We build solutions to benefit our clients critical functions.

Run: We can run and manage our clients entire IT system.

With our combined “Think, Build, Run” methodology and best-in-class talents, we have successfully created globally recognized solutions beneficial to our clients here and abroad in the fields of telecommunications, financial, and retail.

Business Analyst (Bootcamp)
Roles and responsibilities 

  •  Understand client organization's direction, structure and competitive position. 
  • Analyze client organization's industry and competitive position.
  • Understand business processes in different business domains.
  • Research on business domains, solutions, and best practices.
  • Perform requirements scoping and use requirements elicitations techniques such as
  • interviews, focus group discussions, and documents analysis.
  • Document and analyze required information and data.
  • Prepare requirements, specifications, business processes and recommendations.
  • Develops internal and external meeting objectives and agendas.
  • Support quality assurance efforts and assemble documentation for QA
  • Prepares and conducts client presentations and training.

» Title:
Business Analyst (Bootcamp)  
» Experience:
1 - 3 years 
» Job Location:
Metro Manila / NCR 
» Key Skills:
Client Organization, Understand Business Process, Requirements Gathering  
» Roles:
Business Analyst