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AS/400 Operator

Job Description:


Operates one or more computer systems, enters more complex commands on computer and peripheral equipment to execute job production applications and resolve equipment failures. Under limited supervision, performs a wide range of tasks of varying complexity. Resolves a broad range of difficult operating problems.

Essential Functions:

•Monitor batch for all environments

•Escalate abends, system and hardware issues

•Restart/rerun job failures

•Ensure batch and online SLA's are met

•Process FS requests

•Run Adhoc jobs

•Provide MF/AS400 special ID's

•Distribute emails for abends

•Monitor Halcyon (AS400) messages

•Perform weekly full volume backups

•Bounce online regions as required

•Cancel jobs/user id's as required

•Run AS400 moves

•Reset Userid's both platforms

•Prepare schedules for nightly cycles

•Support Audits both platforms

•New Customers training onsite and travel offsite to customers site for implementing standards

•Create and Update Documentation for training and support (Mainframe/AS400/New Customers)

•Communicate between four shifts for accuracy and consistence between shifts

•Prep and communicate any System changes/outage over weekend

•Setup Perm/Request CICS for weekend schedules

•Recommendation for cycle improvements (Abends/JCL/Run Times)

•Troubleshoot customer issues

•Enters more complex commands on computers, tape drives, printers, data communications equipment, and plotters to integrate and operate equipment. Establishes and/or revises operating procedures as necessary.

•Interfaces with customers to ensure that servers are functioning and to gather information about more complex server requirements. Interfaces with vendors as appropriate to expedite problem resolution.

•Researches peripheral equipment and error messages displayed on monitor to detect faulty output or machine stoppage. Tests, evaluates, and resolves more complex equipment problems and system outages, and escalates issues as necessary to maintain job production.

•Maintains audit trail of job activities and status to document productivity. Maintains more comprehensive quality records to ensure standards are met.

•Monitors and maintains the production job schedule and ensures the schedule is adhered to maintain performance. Guides and checks the work activities of a group of computer operators. Guides training of new operators.

•Performs more complex scheduled, such as daily, weekly, or nightly, backups on systems in-order to maintain production.

•Takes printers and terminals in and out of service as required, and assists in resolving more complex hardware related problems in the data center. Coordinates the movement of equipment and assets in-order to maintain production.

•Monitors customer data file restores to ensure that data are current and accurate.

•Analyzes and evaluates incident reports and makes recommendations to reduce incident rate. Utilizes standard problem management tools to record discrepancies in the environment.

•Assists workers in classifying, cataloging, and maintaining tapes to oversee and maintain computer operations.

Basic Qualifications

•Bachelor of Technology degree

•Two or more years of vocational training in computer operations or related field preferred

•Eight or more years of computer operations experience

•Experience working with systems infrastructure including hardware configuration, operating system, emergency operating procedures, and networks

•Experience working with system job control language

•Experience working with computer desktop packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Other Qualifications

•Organization skills to balance and prioritize work

•Leadership skills

•Good analytical and problem solving skills

•Ability to work independently and as part of a team

•May require shift work